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Skipping a Timeline

I'm using a Timeline now to play my cutscene videos (mp4), to handle subtitles for localization, as Chris suggested somewhere (couldn't find the original post for some reasons).
The problem is:: how can I skip the cutscene via input?
The "Play Movie Clip" has a skip option when "Wait until finish?" is checked, but not the Control Timeline...
So how can I make it work?
I've tried to handle it via script, setting the input to call a "Stop" to the PlayableDirector and even to go at the end of it (setting PlayableDirector.time = PlayableDirector.duration). Also a dummy proof: PlayableDirector.duration-1f, to just go at the last second and then continue...
But the problem is that when I call that script, it correctly goes at the end (the script is working), but on my Action List is still stuck on the "Control Timeline" and not moving forward to my next Action List (like if AC is not considering the timeline "finished" for some reasons). While it does work if I'm not hitting the "skip" input...
Any ideas?
Step to reproduce it: having a Control Timeline with "Wait until finish?" and an Action after it, set a script to go via input at the end of the Timline, hit the input at Runtime.


  • If Wait until finish? is checked, you can skip the Timeline by skipping the ActionList that's calling it, which can be done by invoking the "EndCutscene" input.

  • Interesting, haven't thought about that. Will try! Thanks!

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