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Audio Slider problem

How would I go about making sure that the music slider affects video clips volume and the SFX slider affects footsteps sound volume? Or should they have their own sliders?


  • It would depend on what methods you're using to play both back. Can you share screenshots of the relevant Inspectors / Actions for your video clip and footstep sounds?

  • I'm using the footstep sound script

    And video player to play the clip

  • edited November 2020

    Attach a Sound component to the Footstep Sounds, set its Sound type to SFX, and assign it in the Sound to play from field.

    For the Video, attach another Sound component, and set its type to Music. Then set the Video Player's Audio Output Mode to Audio Source and assign the source that got added when you attached the Sound component.

  • Works perfectly, thanks!

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