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Conversation Editor gone?

Hello forum-mates, (<- is this actually an english word?)

somehow the conversation editor has disappeared since my last update of adventure creator.
This could have several reasons and you might can shed some light on this?

  1. I somehow screwed it up with my update ;-)
  2. It was officially removed from AC and I didn't noticed.
  3. It's a bug.



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    1. The Conversation Editor was officially removed in v1.71.0.

    It's rare that an AC update shelves a feature, but it was outdated and less convenient than the ability to override options within the Dialogue: Start conversation Action directly.

  • ok. Thanks for the clarification @ChrisIceBox.

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    Hi Chris, I was curious about the conversation editor, which I know is gone. I wish it were still around as for me, it gives some what of a better visual representation of a dialogue tree intermediate to the action list editor. I have both Articy:Draft and Dialogue system, which I know can be used in a workflow with AC. I've repeatedly watched their respective integrations videos but find the process confusing. Articy's dialogue trees are appealing, though, it would be ideal (for me) to simply work directly within AC using the former conversation editor coupled with the actionlist editor to better visualize branching conversations rather than adding two additional tools to the process thereby increasing the certainty that I will mess things up in the process. Is there any chance you might consider reintroducing the conversation editor to AC?

    I hope there may be others who might echo support for adding the conversation editor back to AC.

    Thank you for your consideration, helpfulness and support of your great asset.


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    I have added it to the AC wiki here, where you can add it back in unoffically:

  • Thank you kindly Chris!

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