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Item property type STRING - possible to make it more useable?


Just a small question here.
I want to add a description to all my items.
I thought the custom string property would work for this, but my descriptions are long and need to be formatted properly (with linebreaks, sections and other stuff) and the simple string field that appears in the manager for the string type property can't handle this at all :-)
So I just wanted to know if it is possible to edit the property or manager to make the field more useful for long texts with formatting?
Or is it perhaps possible to add a new property type for this?


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    I can certainly give some thought to allowing "String" type inventory properties to support multi-line editing.

    Though, if your descriptions include various stats, e.g. Weight, Cost etc, it may be better to create properties for each stat, and then combine them into a formatted string when displaying their values.

  • Yes, combining several properties into a string is definitely part of the answer. I will do that also.
    But support for multi-line would be fantastic. Also great would be the ability to control the size of the text input box in the editor for this property. Writing and editing longer texts is impossible without a big input field - and to be able to control the size yourself would be complete luxury :-)
    Regarding field size in the editor, the ability to control wouldn't have to be implemented in the settings managers or anything - just a hint as to how to edit the size yourself with some custom coding would be fine.

  • If you're using the latest release, open up InvVar.cs, and replace:



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