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Changing order of cycled cursors


I searched in the manual and here, but I did not find anything or I may be blind, so sorry if that question was asked before ;)

Is there any chance to change the order the cursors are cycled in the select-interaction-then-hotspot mode, when I use e. g. the right mouse button to cycle through the interactions?

I guess the order depends on the position of the cursor in the cursor menu, but I can only delete cursors or insert new ones, I cannot move them up or down.

I fear, if I do that, I will have to reconnect all interactions again if I do changes there.

So ideally, is there an option to manipulate the order of the cursors for cycling independently on their position in the cursor menu?

If not, this might be a nice feature to implement, maybe adding an attribute "cycle position" to each cursor or making them moveable up and down in the list :)


  • You can't in the Manager, but that's an oversight on my part. I'll include the ability to do so in the next update - thanks for the suggestion.

    You're correct that remaking the icons would mess up your Interaction connections, but it's possible to work around in the meantime:

    Interactions are connected to cursor icons via their ID numbers, which don't necessarily match the index numbers in the icon list, and are displayed at the top of each icon's "section" in the Cursor Manager.

    If you want to re-build the icons, just make a note of each icon's ID number first. Then, delete and recreate each icon. The IDs will be wrong, but you can edit the ID values manually by finding the Cursor Manager's asset file (click the field at the very top of the Manager's tab in the AC Game Editor window).

    Viewing the Cursor Manager's Inspector will let you access the "cursorIcons" array. Expanding that gives you access to each icon's properties - where you can manually update each icon's ID to match it's previous value.

  • Hi Chris,

    thank you again for your awesome support, even on Sundays ;)

    As this is no time critical thing, I will just wait until it's implemented. I just noticed that the order of my cursors is not the best considering usabilty, but in the current state it's not necessary to change immediately.

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