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Occlusion Culling

Hi, I have a question about occlusion culling.

I noticed that a closeup cam I made did occlude something it shouldn't, so I disabled occlusion culling for it.

But it looks like that flag is not copied to the main camera, so it keeps occluding.

Is this intended behaviour or a possible bug? I tried basic camera as well as game camera.


  • The MainCamera, which performs the rendering, won't transfer everything from the GameCamera it's attached to - only physical data such as position, rotation and field-of-view.

    It's possible to hook into the OnSwitchCamera event to update it manually. What value specifically on the GameCamera's Camera component are you looking to transfer?

  • Thanks Chris, just wanted to know.

    In this case, I thought the "Occlusion Culling" Flag was also copied, but I can change it on the main camera via the event. After all it is just one occurence yet.

    Thanks for helping out and have a nice sunday ;)

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