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Input override does not work with Unity UI menu


I want to take control over mouse clicks on my inventory menu.
I've written the following code as a test:

private void Start()
        KickStarter.playerInput.InputGetMouseButtonDownDelegate = MyGetMouseButtonDown;

private bool MyGetMouseButtonDown(int btnPressed)
        return false;
        //return Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0);

This works fine with an source AC menu - no clicks are registered and nothing happens when clicking on a menu element.
But my menus are source Unity in Scene and when I shift to this the override has no effect - the inventory menu behaves as normally, registering left end right clicks.

Do input overrides only work with AC menus?


  • Yes - Unity UI input is set by the EventSystem and associated input module.

    AC has it's own such module that will be spawned automically, but you can override this by creating a new EventSystem prefab and assigning it at the top of the Menu Manager.

    If you use Unity's top toolbar to create a new UI -> Event System, you can modify the "Submit" input button to your own needs, make it a prefab, and then assign it in the Menu Manager.

  • Logic and simple.
    Great - it works for me now - thanks!

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