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Sprites visibility bug, can someone test my level? Sort of solved.

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Unity 5.2.4 AC 1.50f :)
Friends, I have recieved from one tester a bug report that some sprites go off and on or change layer order randomly, when they have Player Script component and Moveable attached, and used in an interaction with actionlist Character: Move to Point (characters move to a marker). Also some other sprites without any components for no reason become invisible and visible or might even change the layer order. Once the Character: Move to Point actionlist is executed.
Here is a screenshot

First I thought Character: Move to Point was messing up layer order of other sprites around or moved Z positions of them. All sprites are on one layer but with different Z positions.

But the next day the tester reported that after restarting his PC everything works good. Might have been due to a gfx driver failure on his part.

Can anyone test this one level for me? I'd really appreciate your help guys.
Thank you.

Here is the link:


  • Moving a character will only result in their sorting order changing if a Sorting Map is influencing them.

    If this isn't the case, is it possible that all sprites involved (both the character and the background) share the same sorting order? In my experience, when two sprites share the same order values, the order in which they're drawn then becomes based on position and/or seemingly random.

    If the background sprites should always be underneath everything else, it's probably best to just give them a very low order value, e.g. -100, to ensure they're always rendered last.

  • Yes everything is on the same sorting layer and order in layer 0, only with different Z position values.
    No Sorting maps in the scene.
    This only happend to one tester and after rebooting PC it never happened before.
    Maybe his gfx was conflicting and had troubles to draw the scene at that time. Thank you Chris.

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