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Parameter Section in ActionList inspector practically unusable in 1.72.4

edited December 2020 in Engine development

I have upgraded from AC 1.71.5 to 1.72.4 just yesterday and find the redesign of the Parameter section in the ActionList Inspector almost impossible to use. Some issues are:

  • Hitting "Create new parameter" creates new parameter … but does not switch to it. So if one just starts typing in the new parameter's label name, in fact the former parameter gets relabeled instead of the new one.
  • Once a parameter 1 is named and a parameter 2 is created, clicking on parameter 1 again (as long as the label field is still selected!) will not display parameter 1's name in the inspector window but continue to show the name of parameter 2 … and then, after hitting any key on the keyboard, it will even assimilate parameter 1's name to the name of parameter 2 (so it gets renamed in an undesired way)!

Apart from that, changing the parameter section to the same UI style like variables or menus and menu buttons (so that details for only one menu button at a time are visible), is a maximally unfortunate decision imho … it is absolutely essential to have all parameter details – especially the parameter's type! – of an action list "unfolded" and visible in one single view at all times to avoid mistakes.


  • I am seeing more of this behavior when creating variables in bulk (tried with component variables):
    I created 8 Variables in bulk, set them to integer, closed the scene, reopened it … and all but the first of the eight entries have reverted to untitled bools.

  • Thank you for your feedback and bug reports, I shall give them careful consideration.

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