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[Feature Request]: Adaptive or Resizeable Action Box widths in ActionList editor

edited December 2020 in Engine development

I would like to suggest offering resizing options for the display of Action Boxes in the ActionList editor.

Currently, in actions like Variable:Check or ActionList:Run, the names/labels of the Actionlists, Variables or Parameters addressed get truncated or cut off after 15 or so letters, because the Action Box width is so narrow.

This makes it impossible to spot assignment errors, especially if one makes use of sorted/grouped Variable labels like "GameOps/AmountOfClicksOnTargetNo/01","GameOps/AmountOfClicksOnTargetNo/02" and so forth, as the trailing numbers 01, 02 etc. never get displayed.

ActionLists Assets with names like "Set Bottom Row Marker To Success" or "Set Bottom Row Marker To Failure" display as "Set Bottom Row Marker T…"

While there are clearly many advantages to the current Action Box width, I'd like to ask for at least one additional width option like "double width" with a ratio of left column (description) to right column (selectors) of app. 25% / 75 %, so that labels remain fully readable if the user requires it.


  • Do you envisage a global setting, or a per-Action one?

  • A global one would probably be better in terms of reception psychology.

    Also the option to switch boxes individually would again distract from the core activity of programming.

    It would be comparable to the problem as it is now: instead of continuing to fluently program action lists, I need to stop time and time again because I need to double check if I really have selected the right var/parameter/gameobject/whatever from the dropdown selector (and hope that while checking it, I do not accidentally change it).

  • Very well - I shall see about making it either an Editor preference, or an option in the Actions Manager.

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