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Moveables behavior

I have a draggable in scene with Strait Track. See video for details.!AnZXODcaB0k1yiROxiDcZTZezOxs?e=04CxLX

Draggable has OnLetGo action list in which check occurs. If Player has dragged long enough (to specific region) then we done. Otherwise there is a message "I need to move it more"

The problem is: when player leaves scene and then return we can see message from OnLetGo Action list. Like if we clicked somewhere on Moveable. What can it be?
As you can see Moveable place inside custom made zoom-zone but issue can be recreated whe it is directly on scene.



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    Can you share the full Inspector of the Draggable object?

    At the start of your LetGo ActionList, insert an ActionList: Comment Action with some words so that the Console displays a message when its run.

    Leave the scene, clear your Console and re-enter it. When the message shows (at the time it shouldn't), click on the message and paste it's full contents here - I'll take a look.

  • Update: Recreated, never mind the Inspector screenshot - assuming you have a Remember Moveable component attached.

    To fix, open up RememberMoveable.cs and replace the line:

    moveable_Drag.LetGo ();


    if (moveable_Drag.IsHeld) moveable_Drag.LetGo ();
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