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Buttons not resizing on changing language

edited January 2021 in Technical Q&A

Dear Chris and AC followers,
I wish you a very happy 2021!

So, I'm still in the polishing phase of ENCODYA and I've a little glitch I'd like to solve.
Basically my Menu buttons size is not changing right after I change language. I've to exit the menu and re-enter it again to make it work.
I'm using Unity UI Prefabs. To change language I use standard AC Language Cycle in a Menu called "Options" which also pause the game. The buttons in the menu are UI buttons with a Content Size fitter, to re-adapt themselves according with the text size. They all work well (i.e. the button "area" adapt to the text length) but only the second time I visit a menu after changing language (i.e. if I switch language the buttons keep the size of the previous language, I've to exit and re-enter the menu to make it work).
How can I refresh my buttons size (and overall all the AC Menus) on clicking the language cycle in my options?

P.S. I'm using the Dynamic Font Language so I thought to add some lines in the "OnChangeLanguage" event, but I'm not sure what...


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