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How to translate main menus?

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I couldn't find anything on the forum or manual.
How do I translate or change menus names when I switch to other languages?
Should I just make copies of all menus: main, options, load and save, change their names to appropriate language translations. And then check all the time on update and call them if desired language is active?
All my menus use AC source.
AC 1.50f

Thanks for any help.


  • "Change their names" as in, their names as listed in the Menu Manager? Or the labels that appear at the top of them, in-game?

    Text within menus gets included in the Speech Manager's "Gather text" process, so any labels that appear inside them should update to the relevant translation when the language is changed. Please share more details about your specific situation if there's something more to it here.

  • Do you mean when I gather text I also gather the menus text just like all speech lines, and then can change menus just like in a matter I change the speech lines?
    But I just checked I have no menus gathered in Speech manager .

  • edited January 2021

    Oh found it sorry , had to click on Any in drop down list. Thanks Chris :)
    How about Labels I have only one main menu with image custom Buttons labels instead of text. With hover, pressed and idle states, but with english text already merged with buttons.

    Should I remove the text from buttons and add my font to AC and then create text above all those main menu buttons?

    Can't stop wondering what a brilliant asset , you 've thought of everything.

  • What do you mean by "image labels"? Label elements with text in a background image, or Graphic elements?

    Textures cannot be translated, but you can swap their assets based on the given language through scripting. If you can share full details about the specific situation, I can assist further.

  • Yeah I can easly swap the images with scripting, but how about what re-edited in my last post?
    Thanks Chris!

  • Both buttons and labels are included in the "gather text" process.

    But I'm still not clear about your situation. Please elaborate with full details / images.

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