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Character sometimes doesn't animate

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So this is a bit of a weird issue and I don't have many helpful details on it. I've seen a few users over time run into this but could never reproduce it myself. My game features a lot of different playable characters throughout and it all works well. The player switches work well, playing from saved games and new games all work well. The issue I'm about to describe is inconsistent and rarely happens.

The Issue
1) Player plays through the full game (sometimes after multiple playthroughs)
2) Player then starts a new game (deletes current save)
3) The first playable character works as intended
4) Once player hits a scene where it transitions(+) to the next character, this character is either stuck in the idle animation or not playing any animations at all. The character has all functions still, they can walk and interact with things, but the character is just sliding around.

(+) Player: Switch. Transfer Inventory: No. Restore Position: No. New Player position: Appear in other scene. Choose by Name. No NPC. Old Player: Remove from scene. Snap camera if shared: Yes.

Any ideas? I'm not really sure where to even look.


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    What are your AC/Unity versions, and what animation engine does the Player use? It is always the same Player that has the issue?

    From your description of the Player: Switch Action, it sounds like you're using the old Player-switching system, pre v1.71. Though, as the correct Player is controllable, it may not be an issue with that, specifically.

    We'd need to be able to reliably recreate this, ideally. Otherwise, we won't reliably know if any suggestions I make are effective.

    If you could arrange it, it would be useful if the issue can be recreated while using a build that has debug logging enabled, so that we can see if the Console reports anything amiss.

  • I've been hesitating posting about this bug for a couple years now because I just can't reproduce it, with the rarity / inconsistency of it. It's happened across different AC and Unity versions. My current is AC 1.69.3 and Unity 2019.4.10f1

    Animation engine is Sprites Unity. The game is mostly sidescrolling (disables up and down movement).

    It does seem to always be the same Player, though it is the main Player for the first half of the game.

  • So long as you're never changing your standard animation names (idle / walk / run etc) for your Player characters, you could try simply preventing them from being updated after loading save data.

    To do this, open up Player.cs, and remove the following code block inside the LoadPlayerData function:

    idleAnimSprite = playerData.playerIdleAnim;
    walkAnimSprite = playerData.playerWalkAnim;
    talkAnimSprite = playerData.playerTalkAnim;
    runAnimSprite = playerData.playerRunAnim;

    Though again, without being able to reproduce this, I can't guarantee this'll do it.

  • Yeah it's a tough one. I'll keep trying to see if I can reproduce it. In the meantime, I appreciate the suggestion and I'll give that a shot.

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