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How to sort overlapping hotspots?


I have many instances where 2 hotspots are overlapping to some extent and where I want them both active at the same time.
I know the simple solution would be to have 2 hotspots for each object and turn the on/off as needed so they mix well, but this is not a practical solution for me in the long run.
I would like to be able to assign something like sorting levels to the hotspots, so one takes precedence over the other with regards to mouse-overs.
I tried using the transform position z axis for this, but it has no effect.
Is there any way to achieve this?


  • This is for a 2D game?

    If two 2D colliders occupy the same space, then their relative Z-positions should be the deciding factor - with the one closer to the camera "winning" in mouse-over raycasts.

    Though, it's safest to just avoid overlapping when possible. Be aware that you're not limited to Box Collider 2D compoents - if your Hotspot has a complex shape, you can instead rely on a Polygon Collider 2D component.

  • Hi
    And the Z-position does work.
    I just forgot to take into consideration that my game camera was set at Z-position -5.
    Foolish me :-)

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