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Speech Text Exporter/Importer Questions


I had a few questions about the capabilities of the speech importer/exporter based on conversations I've been having with our team's game designer:

1.) The documentation calls out that OpenOffice is the recommended tool of choice for opening the exported csv files. Can it also support being open in something like google sheets? Our designer mentioned to us he has plenty of experience editing speech text via google sheets

2.) One of the attributes that the exporter can output as a column in the csv file is the "Associated Object". Can this value be modified directly in the exported csv file to ultimately modify the speaker if its reimported back into the game?

3.) Our designer called out if there was a way to export a more descriptive ID value for each line of speech text. I think he was hoping the speech ID's could have a more customized naming standard, preferably something a little more alphanumeric so that when he was inside the exported csv file he could more easily identify the speech lines associated within a particular dialogue tree sequence and sub-branch, etc.... My initial thought was to export the SpeechOrder attribute to the output csv files but wasn't sure if there was a better way to do it


  • 1.) You're not limited to OpenOffice by any means. You can use anything so long as it doesn't change the formatting of the file, which uses the standard CSV syntax. In my experience, Excel does seem to be guilty of this - but I haven't speak for Sheets.

    2.) No, this field is only to provide clarity for exported data.

    3.) Speech lines must be identified internally by an integer value, which allows for fast looking-up of lines at runtime. You're correct in that the Speech Order column option is the way to allow for line sorting by their order in their respective ActionLists.

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