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ActionListAsset.parameters is inaccessible?


I'm trying to set an ActionListAsset parameter by code and I've read on this forum that it is done simple by this:

ActionListAsset playDialogueAL = Resources.Load("ActionLists/PlayDialogueAL", typeof(ActionListAsset)) as ActionListAsset;

However, when I use this method I get the error: 'ActionListAsset.parameters' is inaccessible due to its protection level.
Is this method outdated?


  • Yes - you can now use the GetParameter method to get a parameter by its ID or name, i.e.:

    playDialogueAL.GetParameter (0).SetValue (1);
    playDialogueAL.GetParameter ("MyParam").SetValue (1);
  • Ah, yes of course. I missed that updated section in the manual.

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