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Nintendo Switch And XBOX

Hi all (this is my first post),
soon we start with AC to develop our adventure (classic point and click) and we need to release the game for Nintendo Switch and XBox.
Here our question: are there trouble use AC in Nintendo Switch/XBOX? there are rules or external API to integrate for execute AC in Nintendo and XBOX ambient? (excluding the nintendo / xbox API :smile: ) we use the mouse, in console there will is a mouse simulated with pad? we need integrate something to do this?
Thanks for help :smile:



  • Welcome to the community, @Stefano.

    If your game's "Input method" is set to "Keyboard Or Controller", then point-and-click games will make use of a simulated cursor that is controlled with inputs defined in Unity's Input Manager, rather than the mouse. For more on this, see the Manual's "Keyboard or controller input" chapter.

    Console platforms are certainly possible to build for, though not supported officially. The main obstacle is that of the save system, as each platform has its own save requirements, though these are protected behind NDAs. Dealing with this is typically less a case of working with integrations and other APIs, and more to do with writing a custom interface to handle saving according to the platform's needs.

    Game-saving in AC is separated into two areas: the data format, and the file type. AC offers a number of built-in options that you can make use of. For data format, you can use Binary, XML or Json. For file type, you can save either to system files on your machine, or use PlayerPrefs. Depending on a platform's requirements, it may be that you need to implement a custom one instead, which can be done by writing a new implementation script and plugging it into AC.

    More on this topic can be found in the Manual's "Custom save formats and handling" chapter.

    Another user has recently been dealing with AC on Switch - see this thread. The thread's author may be able to offer more specific insight on this platform.

  • Thanks Chris, you are always very kind!


  • Hi Chris and folk, there is a game on PS4 developed with AC? If yes, do you have found trouble? :) (because we need to set the milestone and so, we analyze all thing :) )

  • Little Red Lie is available on PS4, if I'm not mistaken.

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