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Would Adventure Creator works with Steam/Google Play Games/iCloud cloud save?

Hi, as I am about the deploy my game, I am wondering if AC could integrate with cloud save features of some major platforms. I undertstand how to save custom properties, but is hoping to utilize the convenience of AC saving system while at the same time using the cloud save features.

I think the key might be reading the data saved by the AC system, and pass it to the cloud save API. Was this issue ever explored?


  • Steam cloud saves is very easy to setup.
    You can basically just specify a file extension and a folder and it will handle cloud saves for you.

  • As each platform has its own API and requirements, there's no set-way to handle it - but customising where AC saves/retrieves save games is typically a matter of implementing a iSaveFileHandler script.

    See the Manual's "Custom save formats and handling" chapter for details on this, but you can also check the SaveFileHandler_SystemFile and SaveFileHandler_PlayerPrefs scripts for examples.

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