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Asset Bundles for art and sound

We're porting our game to Android and need to put our game assets to bundles(to add them to AndroidAppBundle). We don't have voice-overs, just graphics and sound.
AC has a feature to make asset bundles for voice-overs but is there a way to put another assets to bundles?


  • AC has an asset bundle feature for speech audio, because it needs to access them directly.

    For other assets, it depends on how they're used by the game - but it may not always be necessary to strictly involve AC. They can still be added to bundles and used by custom scripts.

    What assets are you specifically referring to? I'd recommend relying on Addressables over Asset Bundles, and this is something that AC does have support for when storing asset references in save games.

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    Our assets are sounds in scenes and texture atlases that used for graphics in scenes.
    We need to implement Google Play Asset Delivery

    But game is already made in traditional way, without using AssetBundles or Addressables and depends almost entirely on AC. And we are looking for how we can deal with it at all (without redoing the whole game).
  • But how many of those assets are being directly referenced by AC?

    A background or character sprite, for example, isn't normally referenced or read by AC. That it's used as part of an AC scene doesn't mean that AC itself is involved, so it can be loaded in via a custom bundle reader without conflicting with AC.

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    But is there a way to put an entire scene to asset Bundles or Addressable? also, on Android we have to work with assets p acks via Play Asset Delivery Unity API. Can AC work with all that stuff? I mean scenes loading, saves, etc will be workable? If not directly, maybe there some way we can look into.
  • Scenes can be bundled, but AC references scenes by build index - not by name - in save game files and scene management. From the looks of it, AssetBundles refer to scenes the other way around.

    To be able to bundle entire scenes, AC would need to refer to scenes by name. I will give it some thought as to how this might be made an official option.

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