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Analogic Axis Sensibility

Hello, I turned it on "Input magnitude affects speed?" but I can't control the sensibility.
If I set the walk speed to 2, even if I just move the axis a little bit it goes to 1.5 instantly.
If I set it to 20 it goes to 19.5. And I have to move the axis all the way down changing from 19.5 to 20.
Am I missing something?


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    If this option is checked, then the Player's speed will be tied to the size of the input that AC receives from Unity's Input Manager. Try playing with the Sensitivity, Gravity and Dead values for your Horizontal/Vertical inputs - documentation on their meanings can be found here.

  • I already did that, but it seems that gravity it the time that takes to the axis back to neutral position and sensibility is the inverse of that. Is just a smooth way to use an axis in a digital button. I tried to reduce and increase the dead but it doesn't make any difference.
    What I think is weird is that the speed value is always -0.5 for the minimum axis movement.
    So even if I change the character speed to 100, if I just move the axis a little bit it goes to 99.5 instantly and after that is goes smooth from 99.5 to 100 with the axis movement.

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    Ok, I believe I found a way.
    For some reason the Axis just move 0 to 0.5 (I don't know where I can change that range).
    So I change the velocity to 0.5 and now I control the character movement with root animation and worked like a charm.
    Probably not ideal but worked for me haha.

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