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Sprite Fader + Remember Visibility seems to make the sprite just appear when the scene is loaded

edited May 2021 in Engine development

Hi, I am using AC1.72.4 & Unity 2019.4.6f1.

I observed that:
If an object has sprite renderer, sprite fader, and remember visibility. Then there is an action list to fade in/out the sprite. It work correctly normally.

But if I load game into that scene, when that action list is run, the sprite just appears instead of fade in.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?


  • edited May 2021

    What is the state of the sprite at the moment you record the save game file you're loading?

  • It is set to Visibility = false in the Remember Visibility component.

  • Is that the "Visibility on start?" field you're referring to?

    I cannot recreate the issue - you'll need to share exact details. A step-by-step list on how to reproduce would be best.

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