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Making a debug/cheat console


I am making a debug or cheat console for my game.
I simply want to be able to add any item in the game to the player's inventory and change any variable.
I pretty much know how to write this from scratch, but I just want to hear if you have a suggested method that smartly uses some built-in features in AC or something.
I've looked but haven't found anything on the subject and just want to hear if you have any suggestions or can point me in a certain direction before I start writing my code. Just to make sure I cut all the corners I can :-)


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    Just now learned that you can activate variable presets during runtime.
    That's great - that takes care of the variable side of things.
    And following the same logic, I realize that I can make a simple actionlist asset that gives the player an item and run it during play, defining which item at that point.

    So cool these things are so easy with this engine - sorry if I wasted anybody's time, hopefullly somebody will learn something from this post in the future.


    Just to finish this story for anyone in the future.
    You can edit any variable during runtime just by setting it on the Variables tab in the AC editor. So you you're not limited to presets - you can set any variable by itself during run-time.

  • On the inventory side of things, clicking the cog menu beside an item at runtime will give you the option to give it to the Player.

    Clicking the cog menu beside the "Create new item" button below will also give you the option to give all items to the Player in one go.

  • Great stuff - even easier now. Thanks!

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