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Cannot exit Conversation from Cutscene.


I have a cutscene that plays a Conversation. The cutscene has two actions. The first is play Conversation and the second is a Engine: Wait with a breakpoint.

I play the Dialog1 and at the end I toggle the Dialog: Toggle Option and set that one to Off. I then do that to the to the Dialog 2 at the end and Dialog: Toggle Option to off

There is now nothing to show since both Dialog are turned off but my Engine: Wait breakpoint is not being hit. Both of the Dialog are set to Return to Conversation.

So I thought I would be cute and create variables that checks to see if you have seen the Dialog 1 and 2. I can check them but now I cannot figure out a way to force exit a Conversation where it would allow the Engine: Wait to fire.

I feel like I'm missing something very obvious.



  • I will attempt a recreation.

    What are your AC/Unity versions, and where are you checking your variables? Please also share screens of the Cutscene that triggers the Conversation.

    Also, enable the AC Status box at the bottom of the Settings Manager. What does it display at the time the issue occurs?

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