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Changing default appearance of Save button hidden during cutscenes

Hello Adventure Creators!

First, using AC 1.73.8, and Unity 2021.1.7f1, and all menus are made in Unity UI. The Pause menu is set to: On Input Key.

During cutscenes, the Save button is automatically turned off / hidden by AC for understandable reasons.

Though, is it possible to change the appearance of the Save button to to a color / alpha that makes it look "disabled" instead of completely gone / hidden? Just wondering as the Pause menu appears as if there's an empty space there when it is.

For example, this is what the Pause menu looks like normally:

And this shows the menu with the Save button hidden:

Note: The load button is also hidden in the above image -- I've also decided to turn off the Load button for other similar reasons / issues that come up (likely similar to why saving is turned off in AC during cutscenes) for instance when loading a previous game in the same current scene when it was in the middle of a Timeline animation, etc.

Just as an example regarding the button appearances, I know that it's possible to adjust the "Disabled" color / alpha of button elements in menus set to "Manual".
Is there a similar way for the Save button? And another way to adjust color / alpha for the Load button when using the Menu: Change State -> Hide Menu Element action?

The desired appearance for the pause menu is this (mocked up in Photoshop. Haven't achieved this appearance in the Unity UI Pause menu yet):

Have already tried adjusting the "Disabled" alpha, color, etc. for both the Save and Load button elements, though it didn't appear to have any effect. Also haven't come across anything mentioning this in the forums yet.

Has anyone found any solutions for this? It seems like it should be possible.

Thank you much for any assistance!


  • The Save button in the default Pause menu is set to make itself invisible automatically when saving is prevented. By default, an invisible UI element will have its GameObject de-activated.

    When using Unity UI, though, you can set its When invisible property to Disable Interactability. This will keep the GameObject active, but uncheck the Button's "Interactable" Inspector option.

    When this is unchecked, it should be that the Button's appearance changes to its "Disabled" state. You can then alter the Disabled colour in the Button component to have it appear greyed-out rather than totally invisible.

    I've also decided to turn off the Load button for other similar reasons / issues that come up (likely similar to why saving is turned off in AC during cutscenes)

    Saving is prevented during cutscenes to ensure that the state of the game can be restored exactly when loading, but there should not be an issue when loading. If you have an issue when loading during certain times, please make a new thread with details so that we can look into it.

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