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Modifying the AC Editor/Managers

We are working on an educational game which does not require lot of features that are offered by AC. Our team of Artists will be using the AC Game Editor. Is it possible to customize the AC - hide some features, add additional functionality to some of the objects ? I guess that in theory it should be possible. I just want to know how this fits into the usage policy of AC/Unity. We intend to use this only for our games and are not going to license or sell the modified AC.



  • Welcome to the community, @BlitzKreig95.

    AC's source code is provided as part of the asset - you're free to modify it to suit your project's needs.

    Do be aware, though, that the Engine: Manage systems Action can be used to selectively disable individual systems such as menus or interactivity. This can help projects that need AC to work with other systems without conflict.

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