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Creating a Title-Screen Menu 1 tutorial question

Hi Chris,

I am stumped on one function with this tutorial. All appears to work, though, when launching a new game, the scene loads, gameplay works, though pressing "escape" no longer load the options screen.

Thanks, Tom


  • I assume that pause screen is locked on the title screen. You should unlock it again when gameplay starts in the new scene, use a Menu: Unlock Menu action.

  • Thank you Deckard for the quidance, fixed the issue shortly after posting but couldn’t edit my post because I lost internet for a bit. Strange thing though, when loading a new game, player spawns on a different PlayerStart from what is assigned in my scene. If I open my gameplay scene directly and run, works fine. When I launch new game from the title scene, game scene spawns with wrong playerstart as mentioned. Any ideas?
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    In what AC/Unity versions?

    Check your Console, as well your OnStart cutscene and Inspectors for your various PlayerStarts. If you can share screens, I'll take a look.

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    Hi Chris, I'm using 2019.4.20f1 and AC version 1.73.8. I'd be happy to share screens. I'm available now (6:22 ET) or let me know a time in US ET. I don't use it often but can use Microsoft Teams or some other method, what do you prefer? Or, I'd be happy to record my screen and place a private video on YT, just let me know what to record. Either way, thank you for the assistance.

  • Screens of all, posted to e.g., would be best.

  • Hi Chris, I believe I fixed the behavior. For testing, I have multiple playerstarts in my game scene. I disabled all but the one assigned in the scene manager. Now when I have my title scene running and launch new game the game scene spawns my player to the correctly assigned (and only one now active) playerstart. Do you think that was my problem? Also, unrelated, my player spawns in my title scene and of course begins falling to infinity since I only have a UI in that scene. Is it ok to leave that as is or is there a best practice that would prevent player from spawning in the title scene? Thanks!
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    Do you think that was my problem?

    I cannot know without seeing screens, I'm afraid - it really does depend on the details.

    Is it ok to leave that as is or is there a best practice that would prevent player from spawning in the title scene?

    It's OK to have them spawn - if you do, you can add a Plane underneath the PlayerStart to prevent them falling.

    You can prevent the Player from being spawned, though, by overriding them with a new Player character present in the scene file itself. This can simply be an empty GameObject with a Player component attached - no need for any graphics.

  • Chris,

    Thank you. I'll reactivate the additional playerstarts and capture screens to send to you. I appreciate your looking at this.

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    Rather than captures, I recorded the screen for a few minutes. I reactivated the multiple playerstarts. The default playerstart in game is "PlayerStart_LaunchNewGame". The player actually spawns at playerstart "PlayerStart_BluebellDell". I've posted the video to YouTube as a private video to prevent disclosing anything. Can you provide an email where I can email you the link? If you want to send me an email, I'll reply with the link. You can email me at or post here. After watching, let me know if you need anything other screen or anything else. I did add the plane to stop my test player from falling to infinity :-).

  • For anything you wish for me to see in private, you can PM me via the "Message" button on my profile page.

  • I sent a PM with the link, thanks.

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