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Repro of inventory bug

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Hi there,

I gotten reports of two bugs related to inventory that I have never been able to reproduce (until now):
Bug 1: Sometimes the buttons for moving to the next/previous inventory item pages are disabled though they shouldn't be
Bug 2: Sometimes the last item in the inventory is replaced by a duplicate of the second to last item

I've finally been able to reliably reproduce bug 1, here's a repro:!Amz_vh8OYDX3vO4yfkB_IymsqImD0g?e=m19DAg

  1. play scene 1
  2. click the next-button to show inventory page 2
  3. hit escape key and and save the game
  4. click the gray "box" hotspot to the left (this gets rid of one one item from the inventory)
  5. hit escape key and load the previously saved game - the next-button is now erroneously deactivated (though the scroll wheel still works as it should)

Regarding bug 2, I was able to reproduce that one as well, but I never understood the logic behind it enough to reproduce it reliably. But that one also happened while experimenting with loading saved game with a different number of inventory items, so if you have a theory you might be able to reproduce that one too using the repro.

BTW: I have people that gotten bug 1 and the symptom is for some reason persisted in their saved games... Do you perhaps have any tip I can tell them to get the buttons to activate again?



  • I should mention that the player who has the effect of bug 1 in their save games are all just beta-testers :)

  • I will take a look. What AC/Unity versions were used to build the game?

  • I'm using the latest version AC and the latest version of Unity (2021.1.16).
  • I'll need specific numbers, please. Is this the beta of v1.74.0, or the latest official release, v1.73.8?

    I believe I've gotten to the bottom of issue #1, in which the visibility state of a "Shift" button was being saved/loaded incorrectly.

    For issue #2, I don't have enough to go on - I'm afraid I will need steps to reliably reproduce it.

  • Ok, nice progress though! The version is 1.73.8.

    Yeah, nr 2 seems even trickier to reproduce, but nr 1 is more common and in the best of world's, 2 is a side effect of 1.
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