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Problem with Move to Point in action list

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I have a puzzling problem when using Move to Point in action lists.
Unless I tick Wait Until Finish, the move command will not be performed.
The action list will just pause at that node and not go on, player will not move to the point indicated.
If I click one of the move buttons (I use direct movement), the move will then be completed, the player moves to the point indicated in the action list.
As stated, if wait until finished is ticket, everything works fine.

EDIT: I'm using 1.72.4


  • If you're having to "click" your move buttons, are you making use of an on-screen joystick?

    Enable the AC Status box at the bottom of the Settings Manager. What does it display at the moment the issue occurs? Please share screens of both your Settings Manager, and the ActionList.

    In a backup/duplicate project, import the latest AC release and see if it still persists.

  • Sorry, bad choice of words. I just use the arrow buttons on the keyboard as control.

    The AC Status box gives the name of the Action list and then the text "Gameplay is blocked". There seems to be a very short flash of other info around this time also, but it's just a flash and I can't time a pause to see what it says.

    Could this problem simply be due to the fact that the action list finishes before the movement has time to complete? Then it is WAD and I just have to find a way around it.

    Unfortunately, I managed to break my Unity Editor when updating AC (and Dialogue System), so I'm dealing with that now. Been at it for 2 hours now :-) So I can't add any more details right now.

  • Then it is WAD and I just have to find a way around it.

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that term, but if there's a bug here naturally I'll see it fixed. If gameplay is blocked during the pause, though, then it should also list the ActionList that's causing the block.

    When you can, best share screens of all involved - the ActionList and Markers involved, particularly.

  • Still working on the crashed editor - but just wanted to clarify.

    I'm not a native english speaker - I was trying to say "working as designed". In my language we compress that sentence into the first letters. Don't really know if that works in english :-)

    Anyway, before the editor broke, I just solved the problem by splitting the branch in two. Then I could let the movement node "wait until finish" in one branch while the action continued with more nodes in the other. So I actually don't think there's a real bug there, honestly. It may just be lazy designing on my part...

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