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1) Walking Button Settings 2) change graphic button depending on the last active inventory item

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  1. My Top IconBar menu has "Use", "Look" and "Speak" interaction buttons. As you see below, when I click them the cursor changes automatically to its assigned icon and the clicked button stays highlighted on the iconbar. For the "Walk" interaction, I created a button element that simulate the input Icon_Walk but it doesn't behave the same way as the others. When I click it, the icon cursor change to the arrow (default cursor) unless I stop hovering the menu and the button do not stays highlighted. How can I make the cursor to change automatically to the walking icon as soon as clicked and the button to stay highlighted?

  1. I have an ITEM button (middle centred button) how can I change a graphic depending on the last active inventory item?
    Like this:

Many Thanks!


    1. I'll need to see exactly how things are set up, and there's a lot of settings / images involved. It's best for me to see things for myself - can you PM me a .unitypackage or cut-down project that I can import on my end?
    2. An InventoryBox element set to "Display Last Selected" can be used to display this.
  • Thanks, I have PM you

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