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Feature Request: Better Global Variable drop down list.

Hey Chris!

I use global variables for everything in AC, since I use action list assets, great for collaboration and working with git. However the issue that I run into is that I now have so many global variables, its annoying to use the drop down list when in the action list editor in the "set variable" options. The drop down list is so large (over 100 now), can take 3-5 seconds just to get to latest variable I made. Is there a possibility to add a scroll bar? Or even make the scroll speed faster? Would save me sooo much time.


  • Variables are displayed in Actions using Unity's PopUp field, which doesn't offer much control in the way of scrollbars etc.

    You can, however, categorise variables with a forward-slash character in their names, so that they appear in nested groups, e.g.:

  • ohhhh yes, thank you amazing, exactly what I wanted.

  • This is so helpful! Thank you

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