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Subtitles & Pre-Rendered Cut-Scenes

If you play a movieclip as a full-screen cutscene instead of in-scene AC action lists, is it still possible to use AC subtitles, or does the clip take over everything and prevent other stuff being displayed? Also, if paused, will the clip also pause?

I am trying to decide on how to go about implementing the more important cutscenes in my game.


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    You can run Actions in parallel using the ActionList: Run in parallel Action, but for this situation I'd recommend relying on Timeline instead.

    With Timeline, you can control both the video and subtitles, making it much easier to sync the two together. For the latter, use AC's Speech track - see the Manual's "Working with Timeline" chapter for details.

    Both movie clips and Timeline playables will pause when AC is paused.

  • Timelines also get my vote - using them with an AC speech track makes them amazing

  • Okay, thanks guys.

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