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It's disorienting when pasting a large number of Actions zooms out the view of the Action List

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Edit: Just after posting this, I checked the forums and saw that this issue has already been fixed in the latest update! But the other issue I mentioned is still something I'd like to see changed if possible! Edited the title to reflect this query instead.

Unity 2020.3.11f1
AC v1.73.8

I've been having this issue for a while, but it's sporadic and doesn't always happen. I wrote out this post and then realized I wasn't able to recreate the issue so I left this post as a draft. It just occurred again so I took a video!

As seen in the video below, cut or copy-pasting Actions is a bit of a pain as nodes of the pasted Actions leave their original connections and connect to other Actions. I'm guessing this happens with Actions that are intentionally unordered/ mixed numerically (the numbers at the top left of each Action) I hadn't encountered this before so maybe it's a new issue?

As a side note, I'd also like to request a way to turn off the auto-zoom out that happens whenever you paste a large number of Actions into an Action List. It's disorienting as I have to reopen the Action List in order to return to the original zoom level. Can this be made optional?


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    Can this be made optional?

    I'll certainly look into this, though you don't need to re-open the ActionList Editor to reset the view - you can right-click in empty space and choose "View -> Reset".

  • Great, thanks for the tip and for looking into this!

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