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The hotspots (and palyer movment) stay relevent to the main camera's original position - big problem

Hello. I'm trying to start make an adventure game for mobile.
but, I have a big problem. I'm just testing things out to see that everything is opratianal. but it is not.
A big problem. I have tryed several times on 2 diffrent version of unity.
The problem is that the hotspots and also the game input (drag) stais in the position of the main camera even befor the game starts. I have changed cameras and moved the main camera around but the direction that the player is moving doesn't change, and the hotspot stay in the same place as if the main camera stays in it's original place even in relevence to the camera on start... I have to solve this. Otherwise I can't use AC at all...
Please Help.


  • to be clear. the hotspots and player's movement satys and acts in the same way that the Main camera was originaly and don't change at all.
    meaning if I take the camera in the other direction then the control of the player will be inverted. the hotspots can be found in their original place if they were infront of the camera (in the camera's view). so it just looks silly when you press on an empty space to dicover the hotspot and the hotspot menu is diplyed in an empty space, and that space is where it was originaly infront of the main camera before the game has started.

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    What are your AC and Unity versions?

    You're saying that the Hotspots are interactive based on the MainCamera's position and not the "live" camera position?

    How are your cameras and Player movement set up? Are you relying on AC's built-in systems, or any custom/third-party scripts?

    Share screenshots and details of as much as you can - including your Settings Manager, camera setup and layout when this issue occurs. It may be that there's some key detail that makes all the difference here.


    this is a link to the pictures of my settings manager (on the right).

    AC version :Version 1.74.2 - September 20, 2021
    Unity version: 2020.3.20f1. also tryed it on unity 2019.3 somthing.

    not using any third-party scrips. I did try to fix this with Cinemachine. but it didn't work and I need to use all of AC abillity with the cameras in cutscenes... But I've disabled the Cinemachine components on the cameras.

    Hotspots are interactive based on the MainCAmera position at it was originally in the scene view before the game starts and it stays that way. in the same location on the screen.

    the thing is... I have tryed to reconstruct this and made everything from scrach.
    and at the first time I imported AC and did the same scene and camera testing (switching and moving the Camera from it's original position), at first, it worked just fine and every thing was in order..... HOWEVER, when I closed Unity and restarted my project, it was doing this again. and reinporting AC dosen't change this problem.
    I'm unsing the Walking Dead managers, and I thought maybe it was that that made the problem. so when I reconstruct everything (before reloading the project) it was working fine with the buit-in managers and the Walking Dead Managers (of course I changed some settings to make it for mobile input). so it was working OK, but when I load the project again , it was broken again....

    I realy don't know what is cousing it and how to fix it... it was working fine at first.... how can reloading the project can couse this thing... and it won't go away...
    please help.

  • I cannot recreate such an issue from these settings.

    Duplicate your scene but remove any components unrelated to AC - including Playmaker and Cinemachine content.

    If the issue still occurs, save the scene, PM me the project as a .zip file, and I can look into it.

  • I have found the problem!!
    And I am very sory for your trubble and time..
    It apears that there was a component called "Simple Camera Controller (script)" on the main camera, that was left behind becouse I was using the sample scene in the URP project, that was cousing this problem.
    Your idea of removing components led me to this.
    thanks for everything.
    sorry that I wasted your time...

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