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Scratch Card Effect/Asset


Are you aware of any tools/ways to replicate a scratch effect like this asset?

And second do you think this asset would work with AC? ( I know hard to tell)!



  • It's a question of how you want it to work with AC. I don't imagine you'd have issue simply having it run in an AC scene, but if you want to prevent usage during AC cutscenes, or e.g have an ActionList run once enough has been uncovered, then you'll need to rely on custom scripting to connect the two systems.

    You can check if AC is currently in gameplay with:

    AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.IsInGameplay ();

    An AC ActionList can be run manually by calling its Interact function.

    How/when exactly you use these will depend on the asset - you should contact the author for advice on this.

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