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Applying post processing to AC camera for a newbie.

Hi, I'm new to AC and Unity and trying to make my first game. Can anyone explain to me in very simple terms how to apply this post processing effect I bought off the Unity market to the camera in AC?
I know that you only need to apply the effect to the main camera and the game camera kind of sees through that. I just don't know how to actually do that to begin with. Please walk me through it step by step.


  • Welcome to the community, @Endlessdescent.

    On the AC side of things, you're correct that the MainCamera is the one you need to apply the effect to. GameCameras are used merely as positional references for the MainCamera. When you "switch" camera, it's really just the MainCamera moving to that GameCamera's position.

    If your effect asset involves attaching a particular component to a camera, then it'll be AC's MainCamera that needs it.

    There's no set way to apply the effect, though. Depending on how it works, and which render pipeline you're using, the instructions for applying a post-processing may vary. You'll need to check the documentation included with the effect for details - but you're welcome to share them here.

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    Thank you,

    The guide that comes with the effect says:
    "1. Drag and drop the prefab from Lune/RetroRenderer/Prefabs into your scene
    2. Disable any other cameras already in the scene
    3. In the contained Post Process Volume on the prefab, play with the values of VHS Effect and
    Pixelation Effect and you're good to go!
    4. See documentation ( for a more in depth guide on each effect and its variables
    Add the desired custom Post Process effect to your pre-existing Post Process volumes"

    It comes with three .effect and a single .prefab
    For some reason I'm only able to see the effect on the scene if I delete the main camera after adding the prefab. But then without the main camera, the player sprite won't function in the game/navmesh so I don't think you can play without the main camera... if I delete the main camera and try to move one, it breaks being able to use the sprite at all.

  • The AC MainCamera component is necessary, yes, and must be attached to the camera that performs any rendering.

    If the other asset is asking you to disable "any other cameras", that suggests that the prefab in step 1 has a Camera component of its own. Is this the case?

    If so, you can try deleting AC's auto-generated MainCamera object, and then add AC's "Main Camera" component to the prefab's Camera in the scene manually. This component can be found in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Camera.

    It may be, however, that the other asset's developer has some insight on the best practice when it comes to using their asset with other camera types. If the above doesn't work, I'd recommend getting in touch with them.

  • I have already tried contacting the developer but they never got back to me.
    I am going to try experimenting with your advice and see what I can get to work.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Hey Chris, I had a chance to try this out. Adding the main camera component to the preset worked! :) I just had to delete the existing main camera. For some reason I couldn't get any post processing to work on that one...
    Thank you!

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