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Decrypt - First-person, sci-fi, survival horror adventure just launched!

We've just launched Decrypt, a first-person, hard sci-fi survival horror game on

A freight ship, the ISS Travan, is found abandoned at a fringe system thousands of klicks off its original course. Its crew is missing. You are a Data Forensics officer assigned to investigate the vessel and find out the fate of the crew.

We've used vanilla AC for most of the game, but we also created custom actions/code to enable gameplay mechanics like terminal hacking, crypto-key mining, monster chase AI etc. We also used Salsa which works great with AC for lip-syncing.

It's incredible how flexible Adventure Creator is. We can't emphasize enough how awesome it is. @ChrisIceBox This may sound effusive, but AC is the best tool we've ever used in years of game development. (If this was ever made for Unreal Engine, it would open up new worlds!)

If anyone is interested to give it a whirl, the game is donation-ware/free, so feel free to download it!. (Or just watch a let's play video in the comments section on itch)

Here are some screenshots of Decrypt.

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