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Character jumps one pixel in all animations

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Hello, hopefully this is an easy questions.
When my character walks or talks, she jumps up one pixel. When the animation is over, she jumps back down one pixel.
As a consequence, stuff that I put as child objects under the character sprite will appear to slide up and down on the character. If it wasn't for this, it wouldn't have been that big a deal, but now it's quite noticable.
I've made sure that the standing frame is exactly the same position as the various animation frames.

I've experimented by adjusting the y-position in the animation clip, but that position also affects the child objects so that's not a solution.

Any ideas?

A related question:
Often my characters' positions in the editor doesn't exactly match the position they end up having in game. Often there's couple of pixels' discrepancy. I've made sure that the sprite's position is 0 relative to the character object.


  • It's hard to say how/if AC is contributing to this from the above alone, but pixel jumping typically has three main causes:

    1. The position of the sprite being embedded in the animation itself
    2. The pivot points of the sprites varying between frames
    3. "Pixel snapping" features from e.g. the sprite shader or Unity's Pixel Perfect Camera component.

    If the issue occurs from an idle -> talk transition, I'd start by comparing the positions of the character's root and sprite child as they start/stop talking.

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