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3rd camera with other view option

Unfortunately I don't speak English, but I will try to be clear using google translate

Maybe a suggestion for future updates. My idea is to use the 3rd view camera a little differently (as it is used in most current rpg games), that is, the x,y rotation from the perspective of how we look at the player, is triggered with the use of the right button of mouse. The left button, used only to 'click on something' (we can even use this idea in games 2.5 - here limited by angles and 'point and click' like 'free camera').

This was developed, if I'm not mistaken, by Lucas Arts (that little camera system) they had something similar. I think, even before 2003, by CCP games (Eve Online).

It is a system that makes immersion in games much more dynamic. Another system, currently used by Unity and Cinemachine themselves, is called 'noise' (sense of fluctuation on the screen - small random oscillation in y, x and z values from the 'look at' - target).

I can help with models (i do it for FREE) humanoids or whatever (i work with Max and Maya a long time - im pretty old :/ ).


  • Welcome to the community, @jeroll3d.

    A 3rd-person camera can be enabled by choosing "GameCamera Third Person" from the list of camera prefabs in the Scene Manager.

    To enable rotation while dragging, check Is drag controlled? at the bottom of its Inspector.

    This defaults to dragging while the left mouse button is held, but you can override that with the following steps:

    1. Go to Unity's Input Manager and create a new input (named e.g. RMB), and setting its Positive Button to mouse 1, and Type to Key Or Mouse Button.
    2. Find AC's GameEngine object in your scene's Hierarchy, then its Player Input component (near the top), and enter in the name of your new input (e.g. RMB) into its Drag Input Override field.
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