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Sweet Collector new cute puzzle game!

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My dear fellow AC users. I'm so glad to tell you that I have made another game called Sweet Collector
Check it out on steam. Please wishlist it if you like it :)
And here is the trailer

Sweet collector is a relaxing puzzle game where you arrange cakes and sweets on the grid. Very easy to play.


  • Interesting - how is AC being used?

  • edited January 2022

    Mostly I used AC for variables store, save/load, checking win conditions etc. SFX/Music slider.
    And of course translations, it is very powerful. (the game is translated in 25 languages)

    The games items movement, dragging, dropping picking up, grid placement, sliding, snap to grid, grid mechanics etc. are hard coded though.

    I thought why re-invent the wheel, when AC does lot's of things for me :)
    This only proves AC can universally be used in any genre. You can enhance your game and save your time on developing things at the same time.

    Plus I learned a lot of coding myself by using AC code samples.

    Thanks for the marvelous tool.

  • Must admit, It’s not my type of game but I like the idea and approach to all of this! I really like the design. Good job and keep it up

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