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Unity 2021.2 updating and support

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Hello, there!

Currently using Unity 2021.1.28f1 and AC 1.74.4. It's a 2D game and using Unity UI for menus.

This post is mainly just to share info on things that came up when attempting to update a game to 2021.2.7f1 (and most likely the other 2021.2 versions in general).

Some console errors appeared when updating:

The main reason for this post is for some advice on if I should hold off for now on upgrading, or wait.
The errors don't seem to be majorly affecting anything (as far as I can tell so far). Though not quite understanding if the console errors will cause issues down the road or not.

Am fine to hold off on updating to 2021.2 for a while. Of course I made a copy of the game before upgrading and can continue with 2019.1.28f1 for now.

Haven't had much issue upgrading to newer Unity versions before. As mentioned, I was mainly looking for advice on if the game should be updated now, or wait a bit more before upgrading to the newer Unity 2021.2 versions.

Thank you very much for any advice and assistance!


  • Personally speaking, I find it best to stick to the LTS releases when working on a project.

    The warnings appear to be minor, however. They refer to an issue to AC's MainCamera prefab, which you can find in /Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Automatic. Bring up its Inspector to check that it doesn't have any obvious issues, but from the wording of the messages it sounds like Unity's auto-corrected the problem.

  • It might be helpful to know that I've been using 2021.2 since release without any (AC related) problems. Having said that - LTS really is the way to go.
  • Thank you both, for your responses and advice!

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