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Hello, is there a tutorial regarding documents? They not appear in inventory right? How to read them?


  • Though they are defined in the Inventory Manager, Documents themselves do not appear in the player's default Inventory among regular Inventory items. They are a separate collection that can be displayed in an InventoryBox menu element whose Inventory box type property is set to Collected Documents.

    Documents must be added to the player's collection before they will appear here, however. This can be done with the Document: Add or remove Action.

    A Document does not need to be added to the player's collection to be read, however. The Document: Open Action can be used to open any Document you have defined - provided that you have a menu to read it with.

    Such a menu is provided as part of the default interface - the Document menu has an Appear type of On View Document and Journal element set to Display Active Document.

    If you do not have this menu, you can copy it from the Default_MenuManager asset by temporarily assigning this as your Menu Manager asset file.

    If you want a Document to appear in the player's Inventory with other items, you need to create a separate Inventory item to represent it, and then assign it a "Use interaction" ActionList asset that calls the Document: Open Action.

    If you have issues, share screenshots showing what you have and I can advise more specifically.

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