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Switched camera is not being saved

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Can't get switched camera to be saved. When I revisit a scene, the default camera is being active instead. Cameras has constant IDs attached to them, I'm switching using AC's action. I'm using GameCamera, but it's not working with GameCamera 2D either. What am I missing? Based on what I read the constatnt ID component should do the job. Thanks.

AC 1.74.5, Unity 2020.2.6f1


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    The use of a Constant ID component to record a GameCamera reference is only used for save-game files. When a scene is loaded due to restoring a save-game file, the camera's Constant ID value will be used to locate and assign it.

    When re-entering a scene through natural gameplay (i.e. use of the Scene: Switch Action), the default camera is that of the appropriate PlayerStart, chosen based on the previous scene details.

    If no appropriate PlayerStart is found, or the game is begun from this scene, the Scene Manager's Default Camera field is referred to.

    If you need to set your initial camera based on logic (e.g. the state of a variable), you can do so within the scene's OnStart cutscene.

  • Thank you for clarifying.

  • Thank you for clarifying.

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