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Visibility of Canvas Text UI

Hello, I want to show missions in a canvas text element and want to make them visible but I cant make them invisible on game start. They are still visible when I set them invisible. Does it only works for "models" ?


  • If the component is linked to AC's Menu Manager via a Menu element, then the visibility is set by the element's Is visible? property.

    You can update the visibility at runtime using the Menu: Change state Action.

  • Do you have a tutorial how to use the menu manager for such text ui elements to show "current missions" ?

  • It depends on what you mean by "current missions", and how/when/where you want to show it. If you can elaborate on what you're looking to achieve, I can give more specific advice.

    Generally speaking, I'd recommend prototyping your interface first using AC menus, and then switching to Unity UI for final styling.

    General-purpose guides to working with menus can be found here, and in video here.

    If you're looking to have a list of "missions" for the Player to follow, you might be able to make use of the Objectives system. See the Manual's "Objectives" chapter for details. The default interface also includes an Objectives menu that works with both AC and Unity UI.

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    I want simply to display a line of text. When Player Pickup "key" a text line says in the corner "find the safe for this key" and the text stays there. When player found safe the text disapears. Nothing fancy. I thought I can do it with visibilty on/off

  • I thought I can do it with visibilty on/off

    Provided that the menu itself is on at the time, you can. What is the Menu's Appear type property? You can another instance the same Action to turn it on / unlock it.

    If you're having trouble with this Action, share screenshots of how you're using it as well as the properties of the Menu and Label element.

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