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Bug: Follow Camera FOC wrongly initialized when the camera is Ortographic

A piece of code is worth more than 1000 words. Version: 1.75.0. File: GameCamera.cs. Line: 531. The comment in the code shows the bug.

protected void SetOriginalPosition ()
   if (!haveSetOriginalPosition)
       originalPosition = Transform.position;
       originalSpin = Transform.eulerAngles.y;
       originalPitch = Transform.eulerAngles.x;

       if (Camera)
          // was: originalFOV = Camera.fieldOfView;
          originalFOV = Camera.orthographic? Camera.orthographicSize : Camera.fieldOfView;
       haveSetOriginalPosition = true;

Reading the code I think there is another bug there, but as I do not have a use case I cannot say. Same file, line 380:

  SetDesiredFOV ();
  if (!lockFOV)
     // Possible bug?
     Camera.fieldOfView = desiredFOV;


  • Welcome to the community, @ditiem.

    Thanks for the alert - yes, looks like there's an issue here. I'll look further into it an address as necessary.

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