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Inventory items with Can Carry Multiple not always landing in the same slot

I've never had this issue in my other games before so I'm wondering if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. I have an inventory item called Tile with "Can carry multiple" ticked, Slot capacity 10, Selection mode: All

During gameplay, I've noticed that when another tile is added to inventory, sometimes it gets put in an empty slot and other times it's added to the slot of the tile that's already been collected (with the count being shown correctly).

My actionlist was set up like this: Inventory: Add or remove, Method: Add, Item to add: Tile.

Later I tried changing my actionlist to **Inventory:Add or remove, Method: Add, Item to add: Tile, Set Amount: ticked, Increase by count: 1 **

but the issue persists.

Any suggestions?

AC: 1.74.5
Unity: 2020.3.15f2


  • If stacking is enabled, the consistent behaviour should be that items of the same type get merged when using this Action.

    How does the state/arrangement of items in the existing Inventory differ between the two behaviours?

  • I changed the Selection mode from ALL to STACK but it is still putting them in separate slots. Both of the action lists above result in the same behavior. I've attached a screenshot. The gold tiles should all be in the same slot.

  • You said the issue only occurs sometimes - we need to compare the arrangement of items that causes the issue to occur vs one that doesn't.

    Are you able to reliably recreate the issue occuring / not occuring?

  • I’m not able to find a pattern that is consistent. Sometimes a tile will stack and sometimes the same tile will land in an empty slot. I have other inventory items (can carry multiple) so I will test to see if it happens with those as well. I can also try to delete the tile item and recreate it. This is the first time I’ve seen this behavior in all my games so maybe it’s just a matter of recreating the inventory item. Regardless, it isn’t a big issue as it doesn’t affect gameplay because if I use the tile AC removes all tiles from the inventory as it should. I’ll keep you updated as I continue to test.
  • In beta testing now and my testers are completely perplexed by this issue. It seems to randomly occur; some testers gathered 6 tarot cards in the game and each one landed in an empty inventory slot, others had 3 in 1 slot and 3 in empty slots. Same was happening with another inventory item that was set to Can carry multiple, selection mode:All, Slot capacity 10. Actionlist for the collectable items are all set to Inventory: Add, Set About (ticked), Increase count by 1. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Do you have Items can be re-ordered in Menus? checked? Items are added in empty slots first, if they appear before existing instances of the same item type.

  • Yes. Mystery solved. Thank you!

    I'm still not clear on the difference between "Stacked", "Single", "All" of the Selection Mode options.

  • Yes. Mystery solved. Thank you!

    I'm inclined to label this as unwanted behaviour. If another instance of the item is already present in the inventory, that should be added to first before new slots are filled - regardless of their ordering. I'll look into addressing this.

    I'm still not clear on the difference between "Stacked", "Single", "All" of the Selection Mode options.

    When multiple counts of an item are present in a single slot, this option affects how many are selected when the player clicks on the slot:

    • All - Selects all
    • Single - Selects just one, with a second click de-selecting it
    • Stacked - Increases the selection count by one each click
  • That would be great. Many of my testers were extremely confused as to why some of the same item were in different slots and some were showing with item counts.
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