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Scene filtering in Speech Manager does not work as expected

I have a scene called "Anleger" and another scene called "UI_Anleger". I gathered all texts from the project and tried to filter for scenes in the speech text list.

If I choose "Anleger" from the scene dropdown list the texts from both "Anleger" and "UI_Anleger" are shown.
If I choose "UI_Anleger" I only get results from that scene, like expected.

Unity 2018.4.36f1
AC 1.75.0


  • A difference in expected behaviour, perhaps, as what you describe is intended - the text filters out anything that doesn't contain the supplied text, rather than any that isn't an exact match.

    You can export the text using the Export Wizard along with a Scene column to more easily view text associated with a given scene.

  • That makes total sense for the text filter, but for the scene filter you can only select scenes from a drop down list. Wouldn't it be better for this to work with exact matches, since the list of scene names is fixed?

  • You're quite right - my apologies. I shall look into this as part of the next update.

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