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Older version of Player Switching question


I see in the updated version of AC that we can set the default start position for Player switching.

However, I am using 1.74.2 and I cannot update at the moment since I am close to release.

My issue is, sometimes I start a level and ALL of my Player Switching are in the scene with me. Is there a way I can force them to start at, say level -1 or something? I just never want them to appear unless I tell them to appear.



  • The new Player-switching system was introduced in v1.71.0, and the "Player start data" window wasn't changed in any recent release.

    Which exact field are you missing? Setting a non-default Player's starting point "Scene index" to -1 should prevent them from showing on startup.

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    I was clicking on the first element of the list and it doesn't show the "Edit start data..." ( which makes sense now that I think about it), but all the others do. I was able to reset them to scene zero ( which is my boot loader ) so all should be fine.

    Thank you.

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