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A question about loading

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This is a mix of a general game dev question and AC.

At the moment, when changing scenes, I do a simple scene switch as required at the point of transition. There is no loading screen, or any moment in my flow where I'm preloading data ahead of time.

Is that OK? At the moment I'm not seeing any particular problem with that setup, but it's been at the back of my mind for a while that obviously a lot of games have dedicated loading screens. Would it be best practice to preload AC scenes at the start of my game, or do any sort of bulk loading?

Is it just a case of if I start to experience lengthy transition times, that's when to start looking at that?



  • AC supports both loading screens and loading bars - details can be found in the Manual's "Loading screens" chapter.

    If you're not experiencing lengthy load times, though, I'd say it's more of an aesthetic choice. If you do face longer load times, I'd also suggest the Manual's "Performance and optimisation" chapter as the first port of call, to see if they can be reduced before having to resort to a loading screen.

  • Thank you. I appreciate the insight.

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