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Easter Eggster - Easter Egg Hunt game (free)

Hey there,

I've created this easter egg hunt game with Adventure Creator, lots of assets from the Unity asset store and some custom scripting - e.g. the eggs are positioned at fixed positions, but only half of the positions is populated on every game run randomly.

You can download the game for free for Windows (x64 only currently) here:

I'll add a video later - love to hear your feedback!


  • Here is a video:

    The placement of the eggs/nests/baskets is based on fixed positions, however on each run only 50% of the positions are picked randomly so it has some replayability value.

    The scores as the top are using AC global variables with Unity UI.
    I extended the raycast for the hotspots to make it not too hard to find the objects.
    For each of these pickup object an action list is generated via a C# script during placement. Also, the trigger and hotspots are added dynamically.

  • Charming game, Happy Easter!

  • @ChrisIceBox Thanks and thanks for your support! :) Happy Easter to you as well!

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